Best Bear is all about understated indie-rock, ethereal dream-pop textures, and heartfelt lyrics.

At times lush and oneiric, at others raw and unapologetic, the band's songs feel like a genuine portrait of the member's life-long love of music. However, there is also an inclusive, community-driven element at play. Connecting with the audience and other artists drives the mindset of the band, which proudly identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community and values.

Best Bear has released two well-received singles over the past few years, but the musicians in the band have continued to perfect their chemistry as a unit. They successfully released their debut full-length album "When" in late 2022, which has undoubtedly been another milestone in the band's discography and musical journey. 

Fans of artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, The Beths, Soccer Mommy, or Pinegrove should definitely tune in!

“Singer-guitarist Blue was a force on the Philly indie scene while their band Best Bear was still in the idea stage. You could catch them in the crowd, smiling and singing along, or collaborating with friends and peers on Instagram videos, building community at the gig and online. It set a perfect stage for Best Bear’s touchdown, which we can date approximately to their spring 2020 singles “T.M.W.Y.” and “Through The Static,” but more specifically to Saturday, June 5th of 2021 — aka West Philly Porchfest, when the band played a stellar set during a stacked show at 50th and Osage.

It proved that not only was Blue (and their band) a positive force behind the scenes, they were a positive force onstage too. Rounded out by guitarist / vocalist Gwen McFadden, bassist Storm Paul, and drummer Charles D’Ardenne, Best Bear makes heartfelt indie rock in the orbit of Waxahatchee, Soccer Mommy, Hop Along and Sadurn; it’s about heartache and the search for happiness, it’s about being your most authentic self, whatever that means to you.

Their song “Eleventh Grade,” which they delivered a stellar performance of in the Key Studio Sessions this week, contains what might be their mission statement of inclusivity, compassion, and self-love: “Be queer. Be gay. Fuck what anybody has to say. Be trans, nonbinary, whatever’s gonna make you happy. Your truth is gonna set you free.”” 

John Vettese — WXPN // Watch our WXPN The Key Live Session: